Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This (If I counted correctly) was Helen Gibson's 95th film.  She began in 1914 and became a major serial mstar when she took over the role of Helen in The Hazards of Helen from Helen Holmes.  Gibson counted on her athletic abilities to do dangerous and exciting stunts.  In the early Twenties, she phased out her major acting career to concentrate on being a stuntwoman -- the first professional stuntwoman, according to some.  She did continue doing bit parts and uncredited parts all the way to 1962's The Man Who Shot Libery Valance.  Her first marriage, to cowboy star Hoot Gibson, ended in diorce after seven years.

The Ghosts of the Canyon is the story of two competing railroad companies.  Gibson plays spunky Helen Mortimer, the daughter of railroad chief J. F. Motimer (played by S. D. Wilcox in his second film).  Helen's beau, Tom Forrest, is played by Millard Wilson in his second (and last) film.  Burton Law (In the Days of Buffalo Bill, Under Two Flags, The Oregon Trail) rounds out the cast.

This 24 minute short was directed by Robert Myles and written by R. A. Dillion.  Neither of these worthies have a listing on IMDb.

And, yes, since it's a western and a railroad flick and has a daring young stuntwoman in the lead, of course Helen is going to be tied to the railroad tracks.


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