Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Want to know about electricty?  Want to know "How the Magic Is Born...and How It Travels?"  If   you are a dim bulb like Johnny Powers, you probably do.  Luckily Johnny's big brother Ed is a scientist with his own lab so he can explain it all to Johnny.  (Ed, by the way, is a former football star so you know it's cool to be a scientist.)

This comic book -- the first of at least eight that General Electric sponsored as giveways btween 1946 and 1950 -- starts the discussion off with the generation of electricity.

At the end of this issue, Ed tells Johnny that he has "learned a lot!  But...No man knows all about electricty.  There's an ocean of unknown facts ahead of us.,,and we've just about got our feet wet in the water."

Er, really don't want to get your feet wet in the water when you're messing around with electricity.  Just saying'.

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