Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Once again, famed inventor Captain Jim "Red" Albright dons his costume to become Captain Midnight to fight evil and save democracy!

  • Mad scientist Barlow Craig vows to destroy America with floods.  Can Captain Midnight and his latest invention, the "Evaporator," foil the plans of a madman?*
  • Jagga, the Space Raider from Pluto, comes to plunder Earth.  Can Captain Midnight defeat this extraterrestial baddie in an epic battle on the planet Mars?*
  • Ichabod Mudd, Captain Midnight's trusted assistant, decides to become an author.  To get inspiration, Icky walks the street as "Sergeant Twilight," seeking danger --  finds it!  Can Sergeant Twilight stop the Mad Maniac before he bombs the city?*
  • Doctor Osmosis, king of the smugglers, has captured Captain Midnight despite Midnight's use of secret "Chameleon Oil" and left him bound in a rat-infest sewer.  Will Midnight be ravaged by rodents or will he escape and put paid to another criminal career?*
Also in this issue Sam Spade solves "The Case of the Tell-Tale Comb" in an ad for Wildroot Cream Oil, Pokey Joe wins a baseball game with the help of his P-F Flyers, we learn that the new Eveready flashlight battery last 93% longer (with enough energy to hit two hundred home runs), Thom McAn and his magic "Bazooka-Shoes" take a trip into the past to view a famous sports flub, Little Beaver and Red Ryder tell us the ten sportsman's safety rules when using a Daisy Air Rifle, we learn how to make a model city with a Betty Crocker cereal tray (well, actually six different cereal trays), homerun champ Hank Greenberg is featured in av ad for Wheaties, Pilot Pete has a dream, Bob Feller touts the Popsicle brand treats made in "approved" clean sanitary plants while Popsicle Pete shills for his free Fun Book, seven interesting invention ideas submitted by readers, the Gilette Bicycle Tire Bear givves us some "Bear Bicycle Facts," Captain Tootsie dresses as a mummy to foil some museum robbers because of the quick energy he got from Tootsie Rolls, in an installment of "Johnny Blair in the Air" there's an unknown stowaway who may know something about the missing engineers, there's an ad for Monark (sic) super bikes, and Red Skye races to stop an execution in a story by R. Gordon Kraus.

An issue pack with adventure and ads!  What more can you ask for?



* You do know these are rhetorical questions, don't you?

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