Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 27, 2014


A comic book based on an pretty decent 1951 Burt ("I have pecs") Lancaster film.  The movie also starred Jody Lawrence, Gilbert Roland, Kieron Moore, George Tobias, John Dehner, and Mike Mazurski, and Gerald Mohr -- all of whom may be unrecognizable in the somewhat stilted artwork in the comic book.

Sergeant Mike Kincaid of the Foreign Legion is in the stockade for (justly -- he is the  hero, after all) striking an officer.  There he learns  of a planned attack on the Legion's fort.  The Legion's main body of troops are away, so Mike finds himself in charge of a group of nine prisoners who must delay the  invaders until reinforcements arrive.  Think of this as a precursor to The Dirty Dozen.oy

A tale of courage, derring-do, and romance.  Enjoy.

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