Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, September 29, 2014


  • "L. A. Banks" (Leslie Esdaile Banks), The Wicked.  Fantasy novel in the Vampire Huntress Legend series.
  • J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan and Other Plays. Collection of five plays:  The Admirable Crichton, Peter Pan, When Wendy Grew Up (actually a seven page afterthought), What Every Woman Knows, and Mary Rose.
  • Alice Borchardt, The Raven Warrior.  Fantasy novel in the Tales of Guinevere series.  The back cover has a complementary quote from Anne Rice.  Would Rice have enthused so much if the author hadn't been her sister?
  • Tom Brown, Jr., as told to William Jon Watkins, The Tracker.  Brown's story as a tracker in New Jersey's Pine Barrens.
  • Loren L. Coleman, Rogue Flyer.  Gaming (Crimson Skies) tie-in novel, Book 1 of the Wings of Justice series.  Air pulp meets 1937 apocalyptic United States.
  • [Diane Duane], Tom Clancy's Net Force:  One Is the Loneliest Number.  The third in the YA series based on the adult series created by Clancy and Steve Pieczenik.
  • Dave Duncan, The Relunctant Swordsman.  Fantasy, Book One in the Seventh Sword series.  Also, Perilous Seas and Emperor and Clown, Parts Three and Four in the fantasy series A Man of His Word.
  • Joe Hart, The River Is Dark.  Self-published mystery.
  • Carla Jablonski, The Books of Magic:  The Invitation.  YA fantasy novel based on the graphic novel created by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton.
  • Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, Murder Leaves Its Mark.  "A Hawai'i Mystery" featuring Mina Beckwith and Ned Manusia
  • [Bill McCay], Tom Clancy's Net Force:  Virtual Vandals.  The first in the YA series.
  • Lisa Miscione (better known as Lisa Unger), Angel Fire, The Darkness Gathers, and Twice.  Mysteries, the first three books in the Lydia Strong series. 
  • Warren Norwood, Flexing the Warp, Fize of the Gabriel Ratchets, and Planet of Flowers.  SF, books 2 through 4 in the Windover Tapes series featuring diplomat Gerard Manley and his sentient starship.
  • "Christopher Pike" (Kevin McFadden), Christopher Pike's Tales of Terror.  YA horror collection with six stories.
  • James Reasoner, Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Vicksburg.  Volumes 3,4,and 5 in his Civil War Battle series.
  • Laura Joh Rowland, The Concubine's Tattoo and The Fire Kimono.  Two Sano Ichiro mysteries set in late 17th century Japan.  I read the first three books in the series when they came out and I was very impressed.
  • Laurence Shames, The Naked Detective.  An off-kilter Florida mystery.
  • Akimitsu Takagi, The Tattoo Murder Case.  The author's first of many well-regarded mysteries.  this one, first published in 1948 under the title Shisei Satujin Jikene, won the Mystery Writers Club Award of Japan in 1949.  Translated and adapted by Deborah Boliver.
  • Vivian Vande Velde, Never Trust a Dead Man.  Edgar-winning YA mystery.
  • Robert Weinberg, Stefan Dziemianowicz, & Martin H. Greenberg, editors, 100 Creepy Little Creature Stories.  Instant remainder horror anthology.  As usual, a nice mix of good and not-as-good stories, with a large proportion being lesser stories from the pulps.N

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