Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Here's a one-shot comic book from American Comics Group about the syndicated television series starring John Bromfield as Frank Morgan, the modern-day sheriff of -- you guessed it -- Cochise County, Arizona.  At least he was sheriff for the first two seasons; in seasons 3 and 4 both he and the series became U. S. MARSHALL because studio head Desi Arnez did not want the character to be limited to just one county.

This issue brings you three stories:  "Ghost Town," "Buckskin Bandit," and "Menace at Miller Peak!"  Although this is a contemporary series -- akin to Broderick Crawford's Highway Patrol -- The titles in this comic book certainly give you a sense of the old west.

Also included is a nifty one-page advertisement, the 1957 Mobilgas grade guide, which tells you what grade of gasoline is just right for 18 different types of cars.  How many of you remember DeSoto, Packard, Willys, or Hudson?  Not to mention Studebaker, Rambler, and Nash.

I remember watching this show with my father and wondering why a sheriff was driving a car and not riding a horse.  I never came across this comic book until today, though.  Too bad. My prepubescent self would have loved it.

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