Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, February 15, 2014


"...Ronnie always said my legs were nicer than Betty Grable's..."  Ah, Ronnie, why did you leave her?

Tales of heartbreak...tales of lose...and, ultimately, tales of love triumphant.

Long before the Teen Moms fouled the airwaves (cablewaves?) with a twisted sort of reality, there was Teen-Age Brides, a short-lived comic book in the early Fifties.

And then there is Comfo-Gard, "the amazing new menstrual shield that gives sure, safeprotection differently."  Just the thing a romantic pre-pubescent girl (a goodly part of the comics audience, methinks) needs, and certainly worthy of a one-page spread in the middle of the book.  (there's also full-page ads for something called the Young Bra and for tummy flatteners.)

Anyway, thrill to such stories as "Too Young to Know," "Runaway Husband," "Ugly Rumor," and "I Married for Fun."  And, if you were back in 1953, you could then dive into the companion comics:  First Love, First Romance, Hi-School Romance, and Love Problems.

Valentine's Day was only yesterday, and shouldn't the spirit of the day last all year?  So break out the pimple cream and read these stories of blazing passion!

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