Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, December 2, 2013


OK, so I am a Luddite.  I know nothing about computers, or any sort of technology for that matter.  I am the first to admit that I am clumsy, inept, and without a scintilla of talent.  (The one exception being that I happen to be a universal sex symbol, or so I have often told myself.)  I can't sing and the closest thing to a musical instrument that I can play is a radio (and that not too well).  My drawing is such that even stick figures drawn by a three-year-old laugh at me.  My mechanical ability is limited to knowing that an automobile has (or should have) a go pedal and a stop pedal. 

So, computers and blogging?   Pfffft!

But I am trying.  With the help of my daughter, you are now viewing my new, improved blog.  Unfortunately, after giving me a solid tutorial, she hurried back to Massachusetts, leaving me with newly acquired knowledge leaking slowly out of my brain.

In essence, this post is a plea to treat me kindly while I try to work out a zillion and one tweaks.

Yep.  In the words of that great philosopher Yoda, a pity post this one is.

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