Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, December 30, 2013


  • Jack Adrian, Deathlands:  Pilgrimage to Hell.  Apocalyptic men's adventure novel, first in a series.  This one was co-written (and uncredited) with Lawrence James.  All other books in the series were published under the house name "James Axler."
  • Piers Anthony, Var the Stick.  SF, second in a series.
  • "James Axler," Deathlands:  Homeward Bound, Red Equinox, Time Nomads, Chill Factor, Shockscape, Cold Asylum, Genesis Echo, Shadowfall, Ground Zero, Emerald Fire, and Bloodlines.  (All written by Lawrence James.)  Bitter Fruit (by Mel Odom), Demons of Eden (by Mark Ellis), Watersleep (by Terry Collins), Pandora's Redoubt (by Nick Pollata), Rat King and Separation (both by Andy Boot), and Vengeance Trail (by Victor Milan).  Apocalyptic men's adventure novels in the Deathlands series.
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Forbidden Circle (omnibus containing The Spell Sword and The Forbidden Tower), The Shadow Matrix, and To Save A World (omnibus containing The World Wreckers and The Planet Savers).  SF novels in the Darkover series.
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley & Deborah J. Ross, The Fall of Neskaya.  Another Darkover novel, Book One in the Clingfire trilogy. 
  • Susan Coon, Rahne.  Fantasy.
  • Peter David, Fable:  The Balverine Order.  Gaming tie-in novel.
  • Jane Gaskell, Atlan, The City, The Dragon, The Serpent, and Some Summer Lands.  Fantasy, all five volumes in the Atlan sequence.  (Originally a quartet, the original edition of The Serpent was later broken into two volumes:  The Serpent and The Dragon.)  Gaskell is the great-great-great-great niece of Mrs. (Elizabeth) Gaskell, the 19th century author of Cranford.
  • Ed Gorman, Cold Blue Midnight, Night Kills,  and Runner in the Dark. Thrillers.
  • Heather Graham, The Night Is Watching.  Paranormal romance/mystery.
  • David G. Hartwell, editor, Year's Best SF 2.  Anthology with 20 SF stories from 1996.
  • C. J. Henderson, Brooklyn Knight.  Fantasy featuring Professor Piers Knight.
  • Peter James, Dead Simple. The first Detective Inspector Roy Grace mystery.
  • Terry C. Johnson, Carry the Wind, On-Eyed Dream, and Ride the Moon Down.  Westerns.
  • Laurie R. King, Justice Hall.  A Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes mystery.
  • Stanislaw Lem, The Cyberiad.  SF collection of fifteen stories by the great Polish writer.  Translated by Michael Kandel.
  • Peter Leslie (ghostwriter), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan The Executioner:  #125 Dead Man's Tale.  Men's action adventure novel.
  • Stephen Mertz (ghostwriter), Mack Bolan The Executioner:  #48 The Libya Connection and #52 Tuscany Terror. Men's action adventure continuing the numbering of The Executioner series after a switch to a new publisher.  Billed as "Based on the character created by Don Pendleton."
  • Raymond Obstfeld (ghostwriter), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan The Executioner:  #57 Flesh Wounds and #93 The Fire Eaters.  Men's action adventure.
  • Don Pendleton, The Executioner:  #1 War Against the Mafia, #2 Death Squad, #11 California Hit, #12 Boston Blitz, #13 Washington I.O.U., #17 Jersey Guns, #18 Texas Storm, #19 Detroit Deathwatch, #20 New Orleans Knockout, #24 Canadian Crisis, #26 Acapulco Rampage, #34 Terrible Tuesday, and #36 Thermal Thursday.  Men's action adventure novels.
  • "Jim Peterson," The Executioner:  #16 Sicilian Slaughter.  Men's action adventure; this was written during a legal dispute between Don Pendleton and Pinnacle books; Pendleton felt this one could be considered part of the series.
  • Chris Pierson, Blades of the Tiger.  Gaming (DragonLance) tie-in novel, Volume One of the Taladas Trilogy.
  • Joanna Russ, And Chaos Died.  SF.  A classic.
  • Fred Saberhagen, The Veils of Azlaroc.  SF.
  • Kirk Sanson (ghostwriter), Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan The Executioner:  #128 Sudan Slaughter.  Men's action adventure novel.  Hard to believe that there are over 700 books in this and Executioner-related series.
  • Dan Simmons, Flashback.  SF/thriller.
  • Robert Westall, Blitzcat.  YA fantasy.
  • Ian Whates, editor, Solaris Rising:  The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction.  SF anthology with 19 stories.
  • Richard S. Wheeler,  Skye's West:  Bannack.  Western, the second in a series by one of the best.
  • Randy Wayne White, Hunter's Moon.  A Doc Ford thriller.


  1. I got THE ART FORGER (Shapiro), THE GHOST WRITER, (Harwood) and THE FEVER (Megan Abbott), an ARC. Oh and the Edna O'Brien trilogy.