Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Count me in as a big Smothers Brothers fan.   They were on television the other night and I was reminded of just how good they are.  Here's a few samples.

With the Boston Pops, "Boil That Cabbage Down"

From the Judy Garland Show, "I Talk to the Trees" and "Dance, Boatman. Dance"

And a medley with Donovan and Peter, Paul and Mary


From the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, "Red River Valley"

"CrabsWalk Sideways"

I am also a great Jack Benny fan, so here's the Jack Benny show from April 16, 1965 with the Smothers Brothers

Hope these got you smiling.

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  1. I have their first LP and finally got to see them in person a few years ago. They're still very funny.