Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, November 4, 2013


Between Parker, Asimov, Johnstone, Crichton, and Compton, we have a lot of dead men writing this week.
  • Piers Anthony, Dooon Mode.  Fantasy, the fourth and final volume in the Mode series.
  • Kate Atkinson, One Good Turn.  A Jackson Brodie mystery.
  • Dale Bailey, The Fallen.  Horror.
  • C. J. Box, Below Zero.  A Joe Pickett mystery.
  • Michael Brandman, Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues.  Jesse Stone lives on in this authorized mystery continuing Parker's character.
  • "Jack Campbell" (John G. Hemry), The Lost Fleet:  Fearless.  SF.
  • Orson Scott Card, Empire.  Not a gaming tie-in novel, really.  Some of the background for this SF novel, however was developed by a gaming company before Card began plotting the book.
  • Edmund Cooper, The Last Continent.  SF.
  • Michael Crichton & Richard Preston, Micro.  SF thriller.  Crichton's last novel, completed by Preston. 
  • "Robert Doherty" (Robert Mayer), Area 51:  The Mission.  SF thriller, third in the series.
  • Tim Dorsey, The Stingray Shuffle.  A Serge A. Storms mystery.
  • Tod Goldberg, Burn Notice.  Television tie-in novel.
  • Mary K. Greer, Women of the Golden Dawn:  Rebels and Priestesses.  Biography of four women (Maud Gonne, Moina Bergson Mathers, Annie Horniman, and Florence Farr) who played an important part in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, an influential mystic society that flourished in England the late Nineteenth-early Twentieth centuries and included many of the brightest minds of that age.  A thick, detailed, and heavily researched book marred by the author's perspective as a true believer.
  • James W. Hall, Blackwater Sound.  A Thorn mystery.
  • William W. Johnstone, Creed of the Mountain Man.  Western.
  • William W. Johnstone & J. A. Johnstone, Matt Jenson:  The Last Mountain Man:  The Eyes of Texas.  One of the gazillion westerns William Johnstone wrote after he died.
  • John Lawton, Flesh Wounds.  An Inspector Troy novel.
  • Andre Norton, High Sorcery.  Fantasy collection with five stories.
  • Naomi Novik, His Majesty's Dragon.  Fantasy, the Book 1 in the Temeraire Saga.
  • Robert B. Parker, three Spenser novels (Back Story, Rough Weather, and Sixkill), three jesse Stone novels (Night and Day, Split Image, and Stranger in Paradise), and one Sunny Randall novel (Shrink Wrap).
  • Fred Saberhagan, Empire of the East.  SF/fantasy omnibus containing The Broken Lands, The Black Mountains, and Ardneh's World.
  • "Darren Shan" (Darren O'Shaughnessy), Cirque du Freak:  Vampire Mountain.  Volume 4 in the popular YA horror series. 
  • Steven Saylor, Roman Blood.  Historical mystery featuring Gordianus the Finder.
  • Mark W. Tiedemann.  Asimov's Mirage.  The first of several mysteries by the author set in Isaac Asimov's "robot" universe.
  • Joseph A. West, The Last Manhunt.  A "Ralph Compton" western.

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