Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Does this flick have anything to recommend it?  YES!  According to one commentator, " does have Ingrid Pitt and a classic Range Rover in it.  Two Stars."  In fact, this was Ingrid Pitt's first movie.  (There were probably earlier movies with a classic Range Rover, however.)

Originally titled El sonido de la muerte and shot in Madrid, this turkey was helmed by Jose Antonio Nieves Conde (1915-2006), about whom I know only what IMDB says about him:  he directed 25 films and has writing credits in 14 films -- including this one.  And he was a Sagittatius, which may or may not be relevant.  The screenplay was by Sam X. Abarbanal, who was a publicist for Republic Studios before moving to Spain in 1963.  Among his the credits was writing and producing the 1950 turkey Prehistoric Women.  Can it be a coincidence that part of his name is "banal?"  And he was an Aries.  Joining Conde and Abarbanal in story credits are Gregorio de Hoyos and Gregg C. Tallas, both Aquarians.

Why does IMDB list zodiac signs?

 The Sound of Horror stars James Philbrook as archeologist  Dr. Peter Asilov.  ("Dr. Asilov."  Hmm.  Good name for a science fiction flick.)  Philbrook was a common face on television in the late 1950s to mid 1960s, having appeared regularly on The New Loretta Young Show and co-starred with James Franciscus in The Investigators.  Asilov is somehow part of a group of treasure seekers exploring a cave in Greece.  What do you when you are in a strange cave?  Why, you set off explosives, of course.  What happens when you set off explosives?  Why, you release an invisible dinosaur, of course.  And what happens when you release an invisible dinosaur?  Why, it gets really ticked off, of course...You can see where this is going.

Beside Ingrid Pitt and the classic Range Rover, the eye candy here includes Soledad Miranda, who went on to be featured in a number of Mario Bravo movies.

Some people love this one and some people hate it, but I'm sure it will be one of the best invisible dinosaur movies you have ever seen.


  1. Never even heard of this one Jerry - thanks all the same, especially the info the star sign which really made me smile!

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