Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 26, 2013


  • "Alan Burt Akers" (Kenneth Bulmer), Manhounds of Antares.  SF, #6 in the Dray Prescott series.
  • [anonymously edited], Prom Dates from Hell.  Paranormal romance anthology with five stories, including one by Stephanie (Twilight) Meyer.
  • Steve Alten, Meg: Primal Waters.  Big shark thriller.
  • Paul Ashdown & Edward Caudill, The Mosby Myth:  A Confederate Hero in Life and Legend.  Nonfiction, the life and lore of "The Gray Ghost." 
  • Mike Ashley, editor - Historical Whodunits.  Themed mystery anthology with 23 stories.  In a previous life the book was titled The Mammoth Book of Historical Whodunits.
  • Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, The  Shapeshifters:  The Kiesha'ra of the Den of Shadows.  Omnibus of five YA fantasies containing Hawksong, Snakecharm, Falcondance, Wolfery, and Wyvernhail.
  • David Balducci, Deliver Us from Evil.  Thriller.
  • Dave Barry & Ridley Pearson, Science Fair.  YA thriller.
  • Josh Bazell, Beat the Reaper.  Comic crime thriller.
  • "M. C. Beaton" (Marion Chesney) - Death of a Bore, Death of a Celebrity, and Death of a Poison Pen.  Hamish Macbeth mysteries.
  • Patricia Briggs, Blood Bound.  A Mercy Thompson, the shapeshifting mechanic, fantasy.
  • Lee Child, editor, First Thrills.  Thriller anthology with 25 stories from the International Thriller Writers, Inc.
  • Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos, Fire Ice.  A Kurt Austin adventure.  I consider Cussler an okay writer, but I just love Paul Kemprecos.
  • Richard Deming, Women:  The New Criminals.  Nonfiction from a writer best known for his pulp and paperback work.
  • Michael Dibdin, Thanksgiving.  Novel.
  • John Drake, Flint and Silver.  Adventure, a prequel to R. L. Stevenson's Treasure Island.
  • Diane Duane, Star Trek:  Spock's World and X-Men: Empire's End.  Tie-in novels.
  • Alan Durant, editor, Vampire Stories.  YA horror anthology with 18 stories and extracts.
  • John Farris, You Don't Scare Me.  Horror.
  • Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant, The Office, The Scripts:  Season 2.  Scripts from the six-episode second season of the British comedy.
  • William Gibson & Bruce Sterling, The Difference Engine.  Steampunk.
  • Maurice Girodias, editor, The New Olympian Reader.  Anthology of 26 representative pieces published by Olympia Press in the 1960s, including extracts from Barry N. Malzberg's first two novels.  Malzberg (who helped edit the book)provides an introduction and Girondias gives us a lengthy afterward.  It's all pretty daring stuff for its time, I guess.
  • Neil Gaiman, Angels & Visitations.  A miscellany of stories, articles, reviews, poetry and whatnot from the fabulous Mr. G.  This, his first collection, contains 23 items.
  • Pete Hamill, The Guns of Heaven.  Thriller.
  • Virginia Hamilton, Her Stories:  African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales.  YA winner of both the Coretta Scott King Award and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award.  Illustrated by the Dillons.
  • Patricia Highsmith, Nothing That Meets the Eye:  The Uncollected Stories of Patricia Highsmith.  Twenty-eight stories dating from 1938 through 1982 from the queen of moral ambiguity.
  • Analdur Indridason, Operation Napoleon.  Thriller translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb.
  • Stuart M. Kaminsky, Midnight Pass and Vengeance.  Lew Fonesca mysteries.
  • C. S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces:  A Myth Retold.  Fantasy, the story of Cupid and Psyche. 
  • Adrian McKinty, Dead I Well May Be.  Crime by one of the bright new lights in the field.
  • Kathleen Norris, Mystery House.  Mystery, one  of those cheap hardbound reprints from Triangle Books in the early 1940s, complete with a rather wistful dust jacket.  This is the "story on which the nation-wide radio program is based."  Something I did not know.
  • Andre Norton & Jean Rabe, editors, Renaissance Faire.  Fantasy anthology with 15 stories.
  • "Flann O'Brien" (Brian O Nuallain), The Third Policeman.  The classic crime/fantasy/literary novel.  Some people got pretty excited when this book was shown during a scene in one of the early seasons of Lost, hoping that it prefigured some of what was to come on that series.
  • George Pelecanos, editor, D. C. Noir.  Crime anthology with 16 D.C.-centric tales.  Will Akashic Books ever run out of locations for these themed anthologies, or will we eventually see something titled Frostbite Falls Noir?
  • "Ellis Peters" (Edith Pargeter) - Rainbow's End.  An Inspector Felse mystery.
  • Ian Rankin, Resurrection Men.  An Inspector Rebus mystery.
  • Chris Roberson, X-Men:  The Return.  Comic book tie-in novel.
  • Spider & Jeanne Robinson, Starseed. SF, sequel to Stardance.
  • Jonathan Strahan, editor, Best Short Novels 2007.  Eight short novels, published by The Science Fiction Book Club, who figured they didn't need to put the words "Science Fiction" or "SF" in the title because that would just confuse everyone.
  • Marc Sumerak & Chris Kipiniak, Marvel Adventures Spiderman:  Identity Crisis.  Graphic novel collecting issues 37-40 of Marvel Adventures Spiderman.  Art by Ale Garza, David Nakayama, and Ryan Stegman.
  • Stith Thompson, The Folktale.  Nonfiction.
  • Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace, David Wallechinsky, & Sylvia Wallace, The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People.  Dirty little secrets and not-so-secret tales of several hundred well-known people.  Some interesting anecdotes here.  BTW, the Wallaces basically put their names on the book which was mostly edited and written by a large staff.
  • Jess Walter, Over Tumbled Graves.  Mystery.
  • Glenn Yeffith, editor, Seven Seasons of Buffy:  Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer Discuss Their Favorite Television Show.  Twenty-two essays.


  1. So, I'm guessing that all these didn't come from library sales...or am I assuming too much?

  2. All thrift stores (the poverty-stricken reader's best friend), Todd.

  3. I think you are more fortunate as well as more assiduous in your patronage of the local thrifts...the selections locally are somewhat less impressive, though not barren.

  4. I remember that Wallace book coming out A big thing at the time.