Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sometimes you just need a Tom Paxton fix:

The Last Thing on My Mind

I Give You the Morning

The Last Thing on My Mind (with Liam Clancy)

Leaving London

Lyndon Johnson told the Nation/George W. Told the Nation

Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound (with Shay Tochner)

Ramblin' Boy

Whose Garden Was This?

The Marvelous Toy (with Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey)

Train for Auschwitz

I Don't Want a Bunny Wunny

Jennifer's Rabbit  (when my oldest daughter was little, we changed the words to "Jessamyn's Rabbit")

On the Road from Srebenica

Peace Will come

Home to Me (Is Anywhare You Are)

Sarah Palin

Thank You, Republic Airlines

John Bobbitt (with Shay Tochner) (We feel close to this song.  We heard an early version at a New Year's concert that Paxton did that year.  And when she lived in Manassas, Christina worked an ambulance crew with the guy who retrieved the missing member.)


  1. Now *that's* heroic recovery work. Rarely has surname driven or at least suggested destiny (perhaps also in the heat of the moment to the aggrieved, assaulted Mrs. B) than "Bobbit"...

  2. Though for reasons obscure to me Chrome refuses to give me the audio of the "John Bobbit" song...Google specifically disapproves. Don't Be Emasculating.

  3. Loved Tom Paxton back in the day!

  4. Tood, it was in the bushes of a nearby 7-11 -- a discovery that should put one off from ordering another 7-11 hotdog. Ever.

    George, Paxton is still going strong. He's living in Northern Virginia now and is very active locally so we get to see him perform quite a bit.

  5. I should've added Paxton to my DC stack. Might still.