Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, May 14, 2012


A quiet week, offset by some great titles.  Three of the e-books are actually short stories.
  • Piers Anthony, Fractal Mode.  Fantasy.  Book Two of the Mode series.
  • Anne McCaffrey and Jody Lynn Nye, The Death of Sleep.  SF.
  • William P. McGivern, Police Special.  Omnibus of three crime novels:  Rogue Cop, The Seven File, and The Darkest Hour.  Good stuff.
  • David Morrell, The Shimmer.  Thriller.
  • Anne Rice, The Mummy.  "Sensual" horror, or is that TMI?
  • Robert Sheckley, Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine:  The Laertian Gamble.  Television tie-in.
  • Kate Wilhelm, The Good Children.  Suspense.

  • Brett Battles, Every Precious Thing.
  • Robert Colby, The Captain Must Die.
  • O. J. Connell, "The Pale Watcher."
  • Charles Culver - "The Eleventh Floor."
  • Gary Dobbs, The Rhondda Ripper (a.k.a., A Policeman's Lot)
  • Janus Gangi - "Elizabeth Rose."
  • Timothy Hallinan, Skin Deep.
  • Paul Levine, Kill All the Lawyers.
  • "Jack Martin" (Gary Dobbs), Arkansas Smith II:  The Tumbleweed Trail.
  • "Vincent Stark" (Gary Dobbs), The Dead Walked, Book I:  The Outbreak.
  • Richard Wormser - Horse Money.

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