Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The British tradition of Morris Dancing has always fascinating us.  Nobody seems to know the origin or the reason for this eight century old (or older) tradition.  Until now.

     Kitty just found the following on the website of The Maroon Bells Morris Dancers:

          We do it all day, we do it all night,
          because it is, a fertility rite!
          That and the beer.
          And it helps preserve a very old tradition,
          much like drinking beer.
          And it embarasses our offspring,
          which we laugh about while drinking beer.
          And it's more fun than aerobics,
          which means we can drink more beer.
          And it makes us attractive to the opposite sex,
          so we can drink beer together.
          And it's a social activity,
          which includes drinking beer.

     Can't argue with that.

     Speaking of Morris Dancing, there's some good mysteries on the subject out there.  Janet Rudolph explains:

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