Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 12, 2012


An excellent week, capped off by a shopping basket of books for $3 total and some nifty free e-books.
  • Kevin J. Anderson, Tau Ceti.  E-book.  Science Fiction.
  • Brett Battles, Becoming Quinn.  E-book.  Mystery.
  • Paul Bishop, Crocker:  Teguila Mockingbird.  E-book.  Mystery.
  • Max Brand, The Rock of Kiever.  Western collection of three short novels.
  • "Dan Britain" (Don Pendleton), The Godmakers.  SF.
  • Jonathan Carroll, Glass Soup.  Fantasy.
  • "Nick Carter", Strike of the Hawk and Double Identity.  Omnibus of two novels in the Nick Carter Killmaster men's adventure series.
  • Lincoln Child, Deep Storm.  Thriller.
  • "Lee Correy" (G. Harry Stine), The Abode of Life.  An early (1982) Star Trek television tie-in novel.
  • Daniel Edward Craig, Murder at the Universe.  Mystery.
  • Jack Curtis, The Sheriff Kill.  Western.
  • Pablo D'Stair, Slumber.  E-book.  Mystery?, maybe; fantasy?, maybe;  interesting? definitely. 
  • J. T. Donleavy, Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule & The Saddest Summer of Samuel S.  Omnibus collection of 27 stories and sketches in Meet My Maker and a very, very short novel in The Saddest Summer.  Lit'ry stuff, I suppose.
  • Doranna Durgin, Angel:  Impressions.  Television tie-in novel.
  • Travis Erwin, The Feedstore Chronicles.  E-book.  A Texas-laced memoir of sorts
  • M. A. Foster, The Warriors of Dawn.  SF.  The first in the Ler trilogy.
  • Richard Gordon, Doctor in Clover and The Summer of Sir Lancelot.  Two novels in the humorous "Doctor in the House" series.  The television series was much better than the movies, BTW.
  • Zane Grey, Rogue River Feud.  Western.
  • Timothy Hallinan, The Bone Polisher.  E-book.  Mystery.
  • Captain Powers Hazelton, Scouts, Spies and Heroes of the Great Civil War:   How they Lived, Fought and Died for the Union, Including Thrilling Adventures, Daring deeds, Heroic Exploits, Exciting Experiences, Wonderful Escapes of Spies, Scouts and Detectives; With Anecdotes, Watchwords, Battle Cries, and Humorous and Pathetic Incidents of the War Embracing True Stories of Daring, Courage and Self-Sacrifice.  Phew!  Copywrited in 1911 by Geo. W. Berton, this book is also "Superbly Embellished with Many Thrilling and Very Attractive Illustrations."  How could I pass this one up?  Especially since the thrift store had a sale -- a shopping basket of books for $3.00.  This helped fill up the basket.
  • Libby Fischer Hellman, Easy Innocence.  E-book.  Mystery.
  • Hans Holzer, The Amityville Curse:  Fact & Fiction.  Omnibus of the nonfiction book Murder in Amityville and two novels, The Amityville Curse and The Secret of Amnityville.  Holzer, who died almost three years ago, was a self-promoting ghost-hunter who wrote over a hundred books of this sort, making him a latter-day Elliot O'Donnell.
  • Charlie Huston, The Shotgun Rule.  Mystery.  This was Huston's first stand-alone novel.
  • Cathleen Jordan, editor.  Alfred Hitchcock's Borrowers of the Night.  Anthology of 27 stories from Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.
  • Louis L'Amour, Matagora and The Sky-Liners.  Westerns both.
  • Ken MacLeod, Divisions.  SF.  This is the second half of MacLeod's The Fall Revolution and consists of two short novels.
  • Warren Murphy and James Mullaney, The New Destroyer:  Guardian Angel.  The first of the "New" Destroyer series and the first with Mullaney's name on the cover; the series, of course, was created by Murphy and Richard Sapir.
  • Mike Newton (ghostwriter), Mack Bolan the Executioner #91:  The Trial and Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan:  Flesh and Blood.  Men's adventure series.
  • Scott Nicholson, Ethereal Messenger:  Three Novels (Drummer Boy, The Red Church, and Speed Dating with the Dead).  E-book.  Supernatural.
  • Andre Norton, Horn Crown.  Fantasy, the "keystone" Wirch World novel.
  • T. V. Olsen, The Hard Men and Run to the Mountain.  Westerns.
  • Lewis B. Patten, Home Is the Outlaw.  Western.
  • Louise Penny, Still Life.  Her debut mystery, featuring Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.
  • J. R. Roberts, The Gunsmith #316:  Ace In the Hole.  Adult western.
  • Greg Rucka, Smoker.  Suspense.
  • Alan Ryan, The Kill.  Horror.
  • Bradford Scott, Holster Law.  A Walt Slade western.
  • Luke Short, Play a Lone Hand.  Western.
  • Neville Shute, No Highway.  Novel.
  • Anthony Neil Smith, All the Young Warriors and Choke on Your Lies.  E-books.  Mysteries.
  • Brad Steiger, Things That Go Bump in the Night (formerly The Awful Thing in the Attic).  Supposedly true, albeit fictionized, accounts of ghosts and hauntings.  Steiger is another one who has over a hundred such books.  He and Hans Holzer should have had a throwdown for Elliott O'Donnell's crown.
  • Steven Torres, Killing Ways:  Stories.  E-book.  Collection of ten mystery stories. 
  • Raymond Van Over, Whisper.  Horror.
  • Robert W. Wallace, Children of Salem.  E-book.  Historical suspense. 
  • A. R. Wise, Deadlocked.  E-book.  Zombies!
  • Dave Zeltserman, The Hunted.  E-Book.  Thriller.

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  1. We have a lot of the same stuff this week. Love them freebie ebooks( good chance to try someone new and may be find someone else to be buying; the idea of course).

    I stuck with the Bolan novels for awhile after Pendleton sold the rights until I caught Peter Leslie rewriting some of his old Man From U.N.C.L.E. novels from the sixties into Bolans. Two I caught, them stopped. He may have done all five, but I didn't hang around to find out, stopping buying them altogether.