Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 27, 2012


We broke down this week and bought a new computer.  Last week we dipped our toes in the Twenty-first Century and bought Way the Heck Smarter Than Us Phones.  It has been a traumatic (and expensive) time for your favorite Luddites.  To ease the pain I bought books and downloadin some nifty free e-books onto the computer.

  • "Gordon Ashe" (John Creasey), A Shadow of Death.  A Patrick Dawlish mystery.
  • Iain M. Banks, Surface Detail.  SF, part of the Culture series.
  • Paul Bishop, Running Wylde.  E-book mystery collection from everybody's favorite L.A. cop.
  • Traci Briery, The Werewolf Chronicles.  horror.  Evidently the first of a series.
  • Octavia E. Butler, Mind of My Mind.  SF.
  • D. G. Compton, The Unsleeping Eye.  SF.
  • Bill Crider, Two Texas Tales:  Raining Willie & Cranked.  E-book.  Two mystery stories from one of my favorite writers.
  • John Dalmas, The General's President,  SF.
  • Peter Dickinson, Eva.  YA SF.
  • Ansen Dibell, Persuit of the Screamer.  SF.
  • Gordon R. Dickson, Arcturus Landing (originally published as Alien from Arturus), The Chantry Guild, The Far Call, Hour of the Horde, The Pritcher Mass, and The Star Road.  SF all from a master.  Many moons ago, back in the days when I attended conventions, a popular late-night part of the program was a drinking session between Dickson and Ben Bova, in which each would sample the most horrendous concoctions the audience could devise.  After one such session, Dickson sat down with me and talked nonstop for about ten minutes.  Too this day I have no idea what he said.
  • Bruce Feistein, Tomorrow Never Dies.  The final shooting script for the James Bond movie.
  • Lee Goldberg, Joel Goldman, and Paul Levine, Three To Get Deadly.  E-book.  Three mystery stories.
  • Lee Goldberg, Double Impact:  Watch Me Die & McGrave.  E-book.  Two mystery stories.  McGrave has been getting nothing but rave reviews; I'm really forward to it.
  • The Gordons (Mildred Gordon & Gordon Gordon), Power Play.  Mystery from one of the great husband-wife writing teams of yesteryear.
  • Nancy Holder, The Angel Chronicles, Vol. 1.  TV tie-in with three stories.
  • Jean Lorrah & Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Chanel's Destiny.  A Sime/Gen SF novel.
  • Lynn Mason, Alias:  Recruited.  TV tie-in novel.
  • Ian McEwan, Solar.  Literary SF.
  • Dorothy McMillan, Blackbird.  Horror.
  • Warren Murphy, Dead End Street.  Mystery.  Number 2 in the Razoni & Jackson series.
  • Ed Naha, Cracking Up.  Mystery.
  • David Erik Nelson, Tucker Teaches the Clockies to Copulate.  E-book.  Steampunk.
  • J. G. Passarella, Wither.  Horror.
  • Louise Penny, The Cruelest Month.  Mystery.
  • Phillipa Pullar, Frank Harris.  Biography of the writer (and sexual exaggerator/dreamer/liar).
  • "Jon Sharpe," The Trailsman #231:  Salt Lake Siren.  Adult Western.
  • Anthony Neil Smith, Choke on Your Lies.  E-book.  MysterySmith publishes far too seldom for my tastes.
  • George R. Stewart, Storm.  Novel.
  • Sarah Strohmeyer, Bubbles A Broad.  Fun mystery.
  • Rosemary Sutcliffe, The Sword and the Circle.  YA Arthurian novel, second in the series.
  • Philip Wylie, The Disappearance.  An SF classic.


  1. Bunch of good stuff here. Butler's a long time favorite, though there are still a few of her books I haven't gotten.

    The Wylie is one I would like myself.

  2. Always glad to see a Crider book in the mix!