Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, February 20, 2012


Kitty dropped her phone this week and broke it.  So off to the phone store we went and came back with smart phones that came with a Kindle app.  And so, by golly, there are some e-books on this list.
  • "Jeffrey Ashford" (Roderic Jeffries), Counsel for the Defense.  Mystery, the first of many Jeffries wrote under that name.  This is a Collier paperback; has there ever been a paperback publisher with covers poorer than Collier?
  • George Baxt, Topsy and Evil.  Mystery.  Third in the Pharoah Love series.
  • William Peter Blatty, I'll Tell Them I Remember You.  Memoir.
  • Simon Brett, editor, The Faber Book of Parodies.  Satire. Ninety-one poems, stories, oddments, and scraps.
  • Poppy Z. Brite, The Devil You Know.  Horror collection with sixteen stories.
  • James M. Cain, Past All Dishonor.  Historical novel.
  • Hugh B. Cave, The Lower Deep.  E-book.  Horror.
  • Jerome Charyn, Pinocchio's Nose.  Novel.
  • Agatha Christie, Six Mary Westmacott Novels.  Omnibus of the six novels Christie wrote under the Westmacott pseudonym:  Giant's Bread, Absent in the Spring, Unfinished Portrait, The Rose and the Yew Tree, A Daughter's a Daughter, and  The Burden.
  • Richard Dalby, editor, Mistletoe & Mayhem:  Horrific Tales for the Holidays.  Horror anthology.  Thirteen tales, old and new, witha bright spot being a 70-page original story by Basil Copper.
  • Paul Gallico, The Man Who Was Magic.  Fantasy novel.
  • Walter Gibson,  The Shadow:  A Quarter of Eight & The Freak Show Murders.  Pulp adventure novels, original published under the "Maxwell Grant" house name.  From 1945 and 1944, respectively.  The Shadow:  Servants of Siva & The Madrigals of Mystery.  Volume 12 in anthony Tollin's series, originally published as by "Maxwell Grant" in 1938 and 1949, respectively.
  • Chris Grabenstein, The Crossroads.  YA Horror novel.
  • Wyman Guin, The Standing.  SF.
  • Elizabeth Hand, 12 Monkeys.  Movie tie-in novel.
  • "Cyril Hare" (Alfred Alexander Gordon Clark), Suicide Excepted and Tenant for Death.  Golden Age whodunnits.
  • Charles L. Harness, Wolfhead.  SF.
  • James Herbert, Shrine.  Horror.
  • William Hope Hodgson, The Lost Poetry of William Hope Hodgson and The Wandering Soul.  E-books.  The first covers three poetry books that Hodgson had written but had never published before his death in World War I; it contains most of the poems included in his first posthumous poetry book.  The second contains miscellania by and about Hodgson.  Both were edited by Jane Frank.  A treasure trove for Hodgson freaks like me.
  • Peter James, Alchemist.  Thriller with horror/SF overtones.
  • Dan Jolley, World of Warcraft:  Death Knight.  YA graphic novel gaming tie-in.  Art by Rocio Zucchi.
  • Stana Leicht, Of Blood and Honey.  E-book.  Fantasy.
  • A. J. Liebling, The Jollity Building.  Nonfiction.  Four articles from The New Yorker.
  • Peter Lovesey, The Reaper.  Mystery.
  • Frank D. McSherry, Jr., Charles G. Waugh, and Martin H. Greenberg, editors, More Dixie Ghosts.  Horror anthology in the American Ghosts series.  Fourteen stories.
  • Marlys Millhiser, Nightmare Country.  Horror.
  • Walter Moudy, No Man on Earth.  SF.
  • Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir, The Best of the Destroyer.  Omnibus of three men's adventure novels in the Destroyer series:  Chinese Puzzle, Slave Safari, and Assassin Playoff.
  • Lara Parker, Dark Shadows:  The Salem Branch.  TV tie-in novel written by the woman who played "Angelique" in the series.
  • Terry Pratchett, The Truth.  Discworld fantasy.  This one is an ARC from 2000.
  • Derek Raymond, He Died With His Eyes Open.  Mystery.  The first Factory novel.
  • J. D. Rhoades, Lawyers, Guns and Money.  E-book.  Mystery.
  • "Kenneth Robeson" (Paul Ernst), The Avenger #15 House of Death, #17 Nevlo, and #21 The Happy Killers.  Pulp novel reprints from 1941-2.  Ernst wrote all the ones for the magazines; Ron Goulart continued the series in paperback with #25.
  • Wayne Allen Sallee, For You the Living.  E-book.  Horror collection.
  • Noel Scanlon, Black Ashes.  horror.
  • Sharon Shinn, The Shape-Changer's Wife.  Fantasy.
  • Mark Stammers & Stephen James Walker, editors.  Doctor Who:  Decalog:  Ten Stories, Seven Doctors, One Enigma.  TV tie-in.
  • Steve Vernon, Red Valentines.  E-book.  Horror collection with three stories.
  • Charles Wilson, Extinct.  Thriller.
  • Dave Zeltserman, Bad Thoughts.  E-book.  Mystery.

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