Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 9, 2012


A good mix this week, making Mount TBR almost unscalable.
  • Catherine Aird, Stiff News.  An Inspector Sloan mystery.
  • James Lee Burke, The Convict and Other Stories and To the Bright and Shining Sun.  Two early books from Burke:  the first, a collection of nine stories; the second, a regional novel (Appalachia in the 1960s).
  • Jonathan Carroll, The Wooden Sea.  Fantasy.
  • John Farris, Dragonfly.  Suspense.
  • Louis L'Amour, Crossfire Trail, Ride the Dark Trail, Silver Canyon, and Son of a Wanted Man.  Westerns all.  The second and fourth books are part of the Sackett saga.
  • Dennis Lehane, Darkness, Take My Hand.  A Patrick Kenzie/Angela Gennaro mystery.
  • Brian Lumley, Necroscope V:  Deadspawn.  Horror
  • [Charlie McDade], Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan:  Split Image.  #102 in the long-running men's action series.
  • Larry Niven and Steven Barnes, The California Voodoo Game.  SF, a Dream Park novel.
  • [David North], Don Pendleton's The Executioner:  Tiger Stalk.  This one's #220.
  • [Rich Rainey], Don Pendleton's The Executioner:  Uforce.  And #273.
  • "J. R. Roberts" [James Randisi], The Gunsmith #293:  The Road to Hell.  Adult western.
  • Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, and Stephen Cobert, Wigfield:  The Can-Do Town That Just May Not.  Humor.
  • Dan Simmons, The Terror.  History and horror mix.  *Brrrr*
  • F. Paul Wilson, Implant.  Medical thriller.
  • Gene Wolfe, Calde of the Long Sun and Exodus from the Long Sun.  SF, the third and fourth books in The Book of the Long Sun Quartet.

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  1. My house is now by TBR pile although library books are a large part of it. And the kindle hides a lot of excessive buying too.