Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, January 2, 2012


Found some interesting stuff in Nashua, New Hampshire this week.
  • [Marion Zimmer Bradley, editor], Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine.  Two issues:  #42 (Winter 1999) and #46 (Winter 2000).  Issue 46 was edited by Rachel E. Holman following Bradley's death.
  • David Daniel, Coffin Dust:  Strange Stories.  Horror collection; 23 stories.
  • Ron Fortier and "Chester Hawks", Captain Hazzard:  Curse of the Red Maggot!  Pulp Adventure novel.  Originally written by Paul Chadwick in 1938 under the "Hawks" pseudonym for the short-lived Captain Hazzard pulp magazine, it was rewritten as a Secret Agent X adventure called The Curse of the Crimson Horde.  Fortier took the Secret Agent X story and re-rewrote it as a Captain Hazzard story.
  • "Maxwell Grant", The Shadow #4:  "The Murder Master" & "The Hydra", The Shadow #5:  "The Black Falcon" & "The Salamanders", The Shadow #7:  "The Cobra" & "The Third Shadow", The Shadow #9:  "Lingo" & "Partners of Peril", The Shadow #10:  "The City of Doom" & "The Fifth Face", The Shadow #11:  "Road of Crime" & "Crooks Go Straight", and The Shadow #12"Serpents of Siva" & "The Madrigals Mystery".  Pulp adventure reprints courtesy of Anthony Tollin.  Most of the novels are by Walter B. Gibson.  Tollin does not reprint these chronologically, relying more on themes.  Each volume has also features essays and other goodies.
  • Steve Holland, Sci-Fi Art:  A Graphic History.  There's more of a British slant to this one.  Holland not only covers books and magazines, but alos comic books, anime and manga, movie posters, video games, and toys.  Listed as contributors are Alex Summersby, Steve White, Toby Weidmann, Adrian Faulkner, and Tim Murray.
  • Murray Leinster, The Time Tunnel.  TV tie-in, not be confused with a similarly titled book by Leinster, Time Tunnel.
  • [Shawna McCarthy, editor], Realms of Fantasy Nine issues:  February and June, 1995, December 1996, February, April, and June 1997, and February, April, and October, 1998.
  • "Kenneth Robeson", The Land of Terror.  A Doc Savage pulp novel, number 8 in the Bantam reprints.  As with most of these, this one is by Lester Dent.
  • Wayne Skiver, Prof. Stone:  Volume One:  The Eye of Ra & Other Tales.  Pulpish adventure witha "new" character.  There are six stories in this one.
  • [Unicorn Mystery Book Club], two volumes.  The first contains The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing, The Saint Sees It Through by Leslie Charteris, ...And High Water by Aaron Marc Stein, and A Knife Is Silent by David Kent.  The second contains The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, Obit Delayed by Helen Neilson, Dr. Gatskill's Blue Shoes by Paul Conant, and Heavy, Heavy Hangs by Doris Miles Disney.  Unicorn always seemed to have more unusual titles than Walter Black's Detective Book Club.


  1. A typo on MZB's first citation. So, where in Nashua (if it isn't a book-hunter's secret)? I was living in Londonderry when I first got serious about fiction magazines, and started haunting the bookstores in Derry and occasionally Nashua...

  2. Todd, There is now something called a "Used Book Superstore" on Daniel Webster Highway and a little further up the street there is a Savers Thrift Store -- some good stuff at both but pretty pricey for a thrift store. There used to be a good used book store in downtown Nashua (claiming branches in Lexington, Mass. and in Milan, Italy!) and a decent comic book store in Simoneau Plaza where I could get some good stuff, but they're probably gone now. The days of walking into a shop and picking up some old Gold Medals or some ever older pulps are long gone, alas.

    (**sitting in his rocking chair with his geezer memories**)

  3. The Unicorn volumes were edited by Hans Stefan Santesson, after all...who had rather eclectic taste.

    Thanks for the Nashua update! The Nashua Library and Science Center was about as jazzy as I had access to at ages 12-13...Londonderry's library was rather a joke. Never got over to Derry's.