Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Two minutes ago, my wife turned to me asked, "Am I losing my grip on English?"

     I get that question from a lot.

     This time it was because of a CNN newscaster misused words, saying "promoted" when she should have said "prompted". 

     This has become a common practice among newscasters on all networks, both the ones where the attractive female newscasters wear a modesty panel with their blouses and those where they reveal cleavage and thighs.  Male newscasters also do this as often as the females, I know, but they seem to be getting outnumbered.  Political pundits of all stripes don't count because their inanities are so overt one doesn't pay much attention to their English gaffes.

    The dumbing down of America continues.  Our previous president has set a high bar; news organizations seem intent on reaching it.

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