Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here's a few more titles credited to Evan Hunter under the "Dean Hudson" name:

  • Casting Couch
  • Lust Dream
  • Wanton Rendezvous

     Also Glass Mistress is actually titled The Glass Mistress.

     And The Virgins of Cadabra is the third in a series of four books about Phil Scott, Secret Agent XX96.  The other three books in the series are (in order):

  • Love Defector
  • The Sexpert
  • The N.U.D.E. Caper

     Finally, William Hamling, the publisher, was very worried about being prosecuted by the government for obscenity and was constantly closing old publishing lines and opening new ones.  For a while, he also slightly altered the authors' pen names in an attempt to avopid prosecution.  Thus, "Andrew Shaw" became "Andrew Shole", "Alan Marshall" became "Alan Marsh", and so on.  So, for at least one book, Sin Dealer, "Dean Hudson" became "Dean Judson".

     (Prosecution did come, finally.  Details can be found in Earl Kemp's constantly fascinating online magazine eI, which should be required reading.)

     More on "Dean Hudson" as I get more information.


  1. Art Scott, who sends me stuff for the blog occasionally, went to talk last night were Silverberg and Block sat down for an hour and a half. He says the first hour was nearly all reminiscing about their soft-porn days. I really wish I'd been there.

  2. Same for me, Bill.

    It's too much to ask for, but did Art bring along a tape recorder or a camera?