Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, December 9, 2010


1.  The Westborough Baptist Church has announced plans to protest Elizabeth Edward's funeral.  Actually, the last I heard, they were going to protest the 45 minutes before the funeral -- as if that will clear the bad taste from my mouth.  The press release from the church that I read was filled with such vitriolic hate that...that...tha--sorry; I can't put my disgust into words.  These are the guys who demonstrate at the funerals of those killed in combat, saying that it was God's justice.  I know that free speech is paramount in a democracy like ours, just as I know there is a downside to allowing free speech -- but this downside is a flipping cliff.  So, Fred Phelps, you and your brownshirt ilk have uber-soured my day.

2.   The Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal bill has failed.  This is, at its core, a basic denial of human rights.  It also puts the miltary in a potentially unsafe position by not allowing them the time needed to institute the repeal.  The military establishment was hoping for a congressional passage, rather than an expected (and more difficult to institute) court-ordered repeal.  It would be easy for me to put this failure the Party of No, but in truth very few can escape the blame.  An overwhelming majority of Americans want non-partisan cooperation, but our leaders want only to play to their base.  Ptah!  A pox on all of them!  The next two years are looking bleak.  I'm grumpy.

3.   The price of chocolate is going up -- way up. Ack!  As Bill Crider might say, it's  Another Sign of the Coming Apocalypse.

 So please excuse your grumpy blogger.  I'm going to bed, pull the covers over my head, assume the prenatal position, and turn the electric blanket up to 9.  I'll be back tomorrow with a contribution to Patti Abbott's Forgotten Books Friday.


  1. We certainly seem to be on a downward slide. But I'm trying to get into the Holiday Spirit: I might not watch the CBS EVENING NEWS for a week.

  2. I'm not as grumpy today. I woke up with the cat's gentle battering, indicating she wanted to be fed, then watched the sunrise over the lakeand through the bare trees. A little later my two youngest grandchildren woke up demanding candy canes for breakfast and my wife woke up demanding caffeine. It's these small things that make me happy. The stuff on the news will always remain as long as their are self-serving people, but we will muddle along. We always have.

    Hope you will be feeling better son, Patti; and I hope that the Holiday Spirit will remain with for the next few weeks and well into the new year, George!