Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, April 15, 2024


 Based on the short story pf the same title (although originally published as "And So to Death" in Argosy [March 1, 1941])

 by Cornell Woolrich, the master of suspense and desperation, Nightmare tells the story of jazz musician Stan Grayson (Kevin McCarthy), who dreams he has committed a murder in a room of mirror.  He wakes up to clues that it may not have been a dream after all.  He turns to his brother-in-law, policeman Rene Bressard (Edward G. Robinson) for help...but the noose of circumstance and paranoia gets tight and tighter.

An atmospheric, somewhat improbable, claustrophobic exercise in terror, this is a remake of 1947's Fear in the Night, from the same director Maxwell Shane, who also adapted Woolrich's story for the film.

Also starring actress and songstress Connie Russell, in her last film role before retiring. as Stan's girlfriend Gina.


For the Curious:  Here's the March 1, 1941 issue of Argosy with the original story "And So to Death."  The magazine's tagline reads: "Tonight he sleeps, to dream of murder.  Tomorrow he will awake to see the terrible pattern of his nightmare become reality."

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