Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


The Cases of Eddie Drake was an early television detective show starring Don Haggerty as the wise-cracking New York PI. It was based on the radio show The Cases of Mr. Ace.  The first nine episodes were filmed in 1949 for CBS television, who finally released them for syndication in 1951.  The DuMont Network picked the show up the following year, airing the nine episodes and adding another four episodes. 

In the first nine episodes, Patricia Morison plays psychologist Karen Gayle, who is writing a book on criminal psychology.  The episodes are told in flashback as Drake stops by her office to relate his most recent case.  For the DuMont run, she is replaced by Lynne Roberts as criminalogist Dr. Joan Wright, who fulfilled the same function.

The show was popular enough that CBS regretting selling it to DuMont.  CBS then produced a somewhat similar show, The Files of Jeffrey Jones, which also starred Haggerty, and ran for 39 episodes begininning in 1954.

In "The Man with the Stomach Ache," a ticket for a Chinese laundry and a set of Chinese Army credentials with a message written on them in Chinese holds the key to three murders,

This episode appears to be one of the original nine filmed in 1949, but DuMont aired it as the thirteenth and last of the series on April 3, 1952.

Enjoy this oldie but goodie.

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