Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Today marks the 122nd birthday of singer and actor Nelson Eddy.   What better time to present the radiol adaptation of the 1937 Nelson Eddy-Jeanette MacDonald musical romance Maytine?

In the framing device, Kip's small town girlfriend Barbara has been offered a job in the big city opera.  Elderly Miss Morrison first tries to console Kip; then, when Barbara goes to Miss Morrison for comfort, she tells Barbara her story.  Miss Morrison was once the internationally famous opera diva Marcia Mornay.  Fade out to Marcia's story of a young singer in Paris introduced to the court of Louis Napolean.  Eddy and MacDonald reprise their film roles for this radio play, which is introduced by Cecil B. DeMille.

Enjoy this enchanting romance.  (And Happy Birthday, Nelson!)

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