Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, July 12, 2022


 The Canadian singer/songwriter Ian Tyson has given us many wonderful songs, but few as powerful as "Song for Canada."  The lyrics may have been aimed at Tyson's home country back in the Sixties when the song was written, but today -- in a world of sharply divided political and cultural differences -- they resonate much further, well beyond borders.  I play this song a lot and more and more I , too, have been wondering, "How come we can't talk to each other any more?"

The version is from The Chad Mitchell Trio with the lead vocal by Mike Kolbluk.  Listen and you also  may wonder ,"How come we can't talk to each other any more?"

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  1. Mellow, as befits the Mitchell Trio (no longer highlighting Chad). We can talk, but shouting at what you want the other person to be seems to be so much more self-justifying.