Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Friday, March 4, 2022


 Allen "Rocky" Lane (1909-1973) was born Harry Leonard Albershardt (or Albershart) was born in Indiana, raised in Michigan, and was a stage actor by the time he was 20.  He began his film career in 1929 as a romantic lead at Fox film Corporation.  A few years later he moved to Warner Brothers where he had an undistinguished career; of the fourteen film roles IMDb credits him while at Warner, a full dozen were uncredited, and another one had his scenes deleted before release.  After a four-year hiatus, He returned to films, this time at Twentieth Century Fox, as a supporting actor.  Wanting a starring role, he agreed to star in a western for Republic Pictures in 1937.  Other western roles followed, including several turns as RCMP Sergeant Dave King in King of the Royal Mounted, and others.  In 1946 he took over the role of Red Ryder, replacing Wild Bill Elliott, for seven films.  In 1947, "Rocky Lane" became the name of his character in western films for forty films.  Lane also starred as Red Ryder in the 1956-7 television series.  He was also the voice of Mr. Ed, the talking horse, in the 1961-6 television series.

The January 1952 issue of his self-titled comic book has three of Rocky's adventures -- "Gunslinger for Hire," "The Decoy Desperadoes," and ""The Dangerous Errand."  [And let's not forget Rocky's famous horse Black Jack!]  Add to this some typically features that are meant to be funny, a text story, and some riding and roping lessons, you have a jam-packed issue!

Saddle up, partners!


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