Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, October 23, 2021


The Outbursts of Everett True was a syndicated two-column distributed by the Newspaper Enterprise Association from July 22, 1905 to January 13. 1927 when co-creator A. D. Condo left the strip due to health reasons.  Condo later went back to comic strips, drwing comic strip until1946; he died in 1956 at age 63.  At one time Everett True was the syndicate's most popular featured.

Just who was Everett True?  He was a fat middle-aged man in a business suit and a bowler hat.  He usually carried an umbrella and smoked a short cigar.  Today he would be the poster child for road rage.  He was violent and quick to rage, usually at some small inconvenience or annoyance that many of encounter daily -- someone ahead of you in line who takes up too much time, someone who blows smoke in your direction, someone who tried to cut ahead of you in line, someone whose manners are less than perfect, perhaps those self-absorbed "Karens" we read so much about nowadays...all are fodder for Everett True's rage.  Everett is someone who bows to our worst instinct and the reader gets a vicarious pleasure knowing some irritating person will get their comeuppance.

Here, in his first collection, are 95 examples of the man you would love to cheer on but are afraid to meet.

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