Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Sunday, August 16, 2020


 A fascinating look at the creator of Lew Archer, the subject of this half-hour documentary released in 1977.  Richard O. Moore produced and directed this film, which has Macdonald reading from three of his novels and from his essay "A Writer's Sense of Place."  The age of the film evidently is responsible for the horrendous quality of the music used; you will have to grit your teeth through it as you listen to Macdonald talk about his career -- it's worth it.

As a bonus, here's Scott Bradfield's "Reading Great Books from the Bathtub" podcast about the repeatable pleasures of reading Ross Macdonald.  Bradfield, an essayist and critic, is the author of The History of Luminist Motion and four other novels, as well as four collections of short stories. 


  1. That was fantastic to watch. He's my favorite writer of detective fiction.Thanks for posting.