Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 18, 2020


Son-in-law Walt is celebrating his birthday today.

Walt is a quiet, funny guy who brooks no nonsense.  he has been a cabinet maker, an ambulance driver, an EMT, an emergency room tech, a computer consultant, a Homeland Security consultant, and is presently working for the Air Force in some sort of high-tech position I can't tell you about even if I knew.  He's been known to make some great miniature trebuchets.  He's turned his hobby of making soap into a business and makes some of the best soaps around, IMHO.  He's a fantastic nature photographer, a kayaker, and an animal lover.  He really loves dog but was surprised to learn lately that cats can be pretty neat.  Also pretty neat is his large tegu South American lizard.  He likes camping and hiking and having home projects to work on.

He also likes Christina.  Very much.  And their three kids.

Walt is just an all-round good guy whom everybody likes and respects.

While Walt may be celebrating his birthday today, we're just celebrating Walt.

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