Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, July 25, 2019


Randy Stone, crime reporter and columnist for the Chicago Star, roams the city at night for human interest stories.  When Randy has a night off he still roams the city.  On this night Randy finds himself at a nightclub bar where Gus the bartender berates him for not having a date on his night off, pointing to a beautiful woman sitting alone at the end of the bar.  Randy shrug the suggestion off but catches the woman eyeing him in the barroom mirror.  They strike up a conversion -- she claims her name is Mary, eh, Smith and that she has been stood up on a date.  Mary insists on calling Randy "John."  As they talk, she suddenly gets nervous and suggests they leave.  While paying the tab, Gus tells Randy that a red-headed man started asking questions about Randy the moment he began to talk to Mary.  They go to several more bars but Mary seems nervous and insists they leave each almost as soon as they get there.  Then they take a carriage ride in the park, ending up at a shooting gallery.  Mary sees a doll she likes and Randy tries to win it.  When Randy picks up the gun and fires it, Mary panics and runs away.  Randy starts after her when the doll is pushed into his hands and a man tells Randy he just won it.  Randy catches up with Mary and gives her the doll.  But Randy realizes that he did not win the doll; in fact, every one of his shots missed.  And the man who shoved the doll into Randy's hands was not the carnie, but was the red-headed man who was asking questions about Randy earlier.  And then the night became even stranger...

Frank Lovejoy plays Randy Stone and Betty Moran plays "Mary."  Warren Lewis produced and directed this episode from a script by John and Gwen Bagni.  Donald Rickles (no, not the comedian) was the announcer.  Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was the sponsor and, despite some detractors, it's a pretty good beer.  Night Beat aired on NBC radio from February 6, 1950 to September 25, 1952 for a total of 112 episodes.  A television pilot, also starring Lovejoy, aired in 1953 but the series never materialized.


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