Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, June 27, 2019


One of my favorite record albums over the years (yes, you young whippersnapper, there used to be record albums!) is the cast recording of 1963's A Kurt Weill Cabaret with Will Holt and Martha Schlamme.  Holt was a folk singer in the 1950, best known for "Sinner Man" and "Lemon Tree," for which he wrote the English lyrics.  He transitioned to musical theater in the Sixties, writing, co-writing, and performing in various musicals during the last four decades of the Twentieth century.  Martha Schlamme was an Austrian-born singer and actress who made her debut as a teenager in a British internment camp (her family had escaped to England where they were interned as "enemy aliens") in a German language production of As You Like It.  At age 25 she emigrated to the
United States and began a long career singing folk and popular songs in multiple languages.  among her roles as a stage actress was that of Golde in Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway.

Holt and Schlamme captured Weill's haunting music perfectly on this record.

Threepenny Opera:
  • The Ballad of the Easy Life (instrumental only)
  • The Barbara Song
  • Mack the Knife
  • Tango Ballade
  • Pirate Jenny
  • Survival Song (also sung in the second act before "Lost in the Stars")
Le Roi d'Aquataine:
  • Le Roi d'Aquataine
Der Silbersee:
  • Caesar's Death
Lady in the Dark:
  • The Saga of Jenny
Knickerbocker Holiday:
  • September Song
Happy End:
  • Mandalay Song
  • Surabaya Johnny
  • Bilbao Song
Lost in the Stars:
  • Lost in the Stars


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