Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Leslie Charteris' The Saint has had a long career on the radio, beginning with a short-lived (six episodes) series in 1940 starring Terrance de Marney as everybody's favorite Robin Hood of Modern Crime.  He returned in January 1945 with Edgar Barrier in the title role for 13 episodes on NBC Radio before being picked up as a summer replacement for CBS's The Jack Carson Show, this time with Brian Aherne as Simon Templar. with another thirteen episodes ending on September 12, 1945.  The Saint was next played by the great Vincent Price on CBS Radio beginning July 9, 1947. for 13 episodes (now lost to time but one can assume they were "Um-um good" because they were sponsored by Campbell's soup).  Price returned (sans Campbell's soup) almost two years later for a series of 52 episodes, ending on June 28, 1948.  He returned again -- This time on the Mutual network -- on July 10, 1949 for another 47 episodes before jumping back to NBC for 46 episodes, after which Vincent Price hanged up his halo.  Tom Conway stepped into The Saint's Shoes the following week, continuing for 22 weeks, ending on October 21, 1951, while also ending The Saint's American radio career.   However The Saint did return -- this time on the BBC -- for three episodes in 1995, this time starring Paul Rhys.  That's a total of 201 episodes.  One episode was a repeat, bringing the number of original episodes to an even 200.

In this episode (known under the various titles of "No Hidding Place," "Tommy's Breakout," and "The Nancy Pachek Case") The Saint tries to prevent his friend Tommy Pachek from being murdered in jail.  The cast includes Peter Leeds, Peggy Weber, Sheldon Leonard, Richard Crenna, Victor Rodman, Fred Shields, and Larry Dobkin.  The script was written by Dick Powell.


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