Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Ira Levin wrote the teleplay of this adaptation of a Fredric Brown short story for Lights Out, airing on May 28, 1951.

Lights Out, a televised continuation of Arch Oboler's radio series in for four episodes in 1946, then began its regular run on NBC in July 1949 for a total of 160 episodes.

John Forsythe stars as Al March, a man haunted by the death of three people from a bombing in an army barracks six years before.  Awaiting surgery, March tells his sister (played by veteran television character actress June Dayton) that he had just killed three people.  He believes that the three who died six years ago are angry because they died and he didn't, so they have been following him all this time trying to kill him.  It's a case of kill or be killed, you see.  Also featuring Richard Sanders as Dr. Grove (his only IMDb credit) and Chris Gampel, Rex Williams, and Rita Gam as the supposed bloodthirsty trio.

"The Pattern" was produced and directed by Herbert Swope, Jr.


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