Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Are you a Ralston Straight Shooter?  If so, then this is the comic book for you,   And, keep eating your Ralstom Wheat Cereal -- just one blue seal from the box and some small change could net you some neat premiums!  And did you know?  If you fry up some Ralston Wheat Cereal and pour syrup on it, it make a great breakfast!

Okay, now that you've had your Ralston Wheat Cereal, let's see what's up with Tom Mix and the gang at the TM-Bar ranch.

Oh no!  Tom's smart and talented horse Tony has been kidnapped by Two-Spot Jake, the smartest hoss thief in the Southwest!  Tom and Wrangler go riding off to find them, leaving little Jane and ranch hand (and comic foil) Wash and his mule Zobelia behind.

Later Jane and Wash go into town to get supplies and see a rodeo in progress.  Well, nothing can beat a rodeo, can it?  So Jane and Wash watch from the stands as the rodeo's owner, Colonel Butler ( who looks and dresses remarkably like Buffalo Bill Cody) steps in the ring and introduces "the orneriest hoss in the world!  Black Satan!" and offers $1000 in gold to anyone who can ride him.  Many try but all fail.  But little Jane notices something about the horse.  She runs into the ring to take up the challenge.  Somehow Jane is able to quiet the horse and she climbs on the saddle.  She shouts to Wash to get the sheriff and follow her -- she's going after Tom!  She bolts out of the ring with Black Satan and is followed closely by Colonel Butler and two of his cronies who are determined to stop her before she reaches Tom.  Will she make it?  Or will the Colonel and his men stop her?  Why is she so desperate to see Tom?  And what is the secret of Black Satan?  Why is Jane able to tame the horse while grown men couldn't?  All is revealed in the next three pages.

Jane, by the way, has some strange dreams.  Later in the issue, we find the continuing adventures of "Jane at Dream Castle."  In the previous issue, Jane and her warrior friend -- a tall muscular blond who carries a bow and arrow and wears only a ragged loin cloth -- Sir Lard-Tub and his cowardly squires.  Now she finds herself with her warrior friend outside the dream castle.  The cruel wizard Maldred has imprisoned the rightful lord of the castle and his daughter.  Jane's friend, who finally has a name -- Strongbow, is about to save them.  Jane comes along and her brains, along with some of the things Tom has taught her, help Strongbow gain the castle.  Unfortunately, Jane wakes up before they could rescue the lord and his daughter.  Maybe next issue...

Tom returns for another adventure as he meets "La Puma -- Scourge of the Badlands!"  The mysterious La Puma has been terrorizing the ranchers, sheepherders, and settlers outside of Dobie.  Tom, Pecos, Jane, and Wash ride out to investigate.  Tom and Pecos end up against La Puma and his vicious gang, as well as an angry grizzly bear.  Meanwhile, Jane has an idea to help capture the baddies.

Also in this issue is a story about Amos Q. Snood and the Fumble Family (in which Amos tries to cheap his way out of buying a Christmas tree) and a two-pager about Stubby and His Straight Shooter Pals, along with a gazillion features for kids.

And throughout the book:  reminders to catch Tom and his TM-Bar ranch friends in The Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters every weekday from 5:45 to 6:00 on the Blue Network Coast to Coast!  And keep enjoying your Ralston Wheat Cereal!