Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Here's an undated issue (No. 1) from Picture Story Studios -- "A Heart-Warming Romance Dramatized in True-to-Life Photo Scenes."  This may be an original story (no credit is given), or, perhaps adapted from a film (I couldn't find any record of a film under that title).  No matter.

The doctor in The Doctor and the Model is Dr. Roy Durrell, a man "dedicated to healing but betrayed by his blind notions of morality."  The model is beautiful Edith (Edie) Dallas, a young American working the fashion runways of Paris.  Edie's best friend Blanche is dying.  Blanche has fallen in love with her guessed it...Roy!  An attraction grows between Roy and Edie but the spectre of Blanche always lurks in the background.  To complicate things further, the rich Count Charles Beaumont wants Edie for himself and plots to sever the Edie-Roy attraction.  More complications:  Edie is suspected of stealing a valuable ring so Roy goes off to the battlefields of Algeria with the Foreign Legion.

Treachery and tragedy.  Plots and passion.  Mistakes and misgivings.  Will true love ever prevail?

Also included in this issue is Part 1 of a 5-part photo-story, The Betrayal.


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