Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Take a 1940s hipster, mix him with a 1950s beatnik, put him in a 1920s Joe College coat, and use some out of touch writers to present him to an early 1960s teen audience and you have Cool Cat.

Didn't work.  Cool Cat lasted for just three issues, of which this one was the last.

But why  -- I hear you ask -- is this issue listed as Volume 9, Number 2, when the title only lasted three issues?  That's because the book was first a horror comic titled Black Magic from 1950-1951.  A total title and format change came about in 1962.  Who knows why?  But by 1963 the publisher, Crestwood/Prize Group closed down its comics line; most just went into a black hole but two romance titles (Young Love and Young Romance) were sold to DC comics.  (The company continued to publish its humor magazine, such as the Mad magazine rip-off, Sick.)

The saving grace for this particular issue is a guide on how to talk Hip.  And, yes, it misses the mark completely.

Check it out.

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