Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, August 27, 2016


This weeks comic book tells of the wild Yukon and the brave men who plice it, a wild land where the native Americans speak Tonto-English, the glass often shows temperatures of forty degrees below zero, the women are pneumetically enhanced with large, perfect breasts (and with great gams showing a lot of thigh), and the Mounties always get their man -- usually dead because that saves on hanging.

In "Hunt the Human Wolverine," Albert Johnson has been stealing pelts from native traps, but when the Mounties go to bring him in, he proves far more elusive -- and deadly -- than they had anticipated.

"Paydirt Pierce," appears to be an old prospector down on his luck.  Because the comic book needs a lot of Good Girl Art, he saves the voluptuous daughter of a miner from a vicious panther.  She's on the way to the assayer's office to stake a claim for her father.  Strangely, every claim submitted to the assayer seems to have already been staked by one of the assayer's cronys.  But the bad guys don't count on Paydirt Pierce, who

*******************************SPOILER ALERT!********************************

is really a Mountie who has gone undercover to stop this nefarious businees.

*****************************END SPOILER ALERT******************************

Then, in "Goldrush Junction,"  we met a trio of muderous meanies -- two ugly guys and a zaftig beauty -- who blithely kill their way to a hermit's cabin, intent on taking their gold.  Of the trio, the woman proves to be the most deadly.  Did you know that bears could stand upright on the top of a hill and hurl boulders onto the people below?  I didn't.  Anyway this story has no Mounties, but the hermit who is dressed like a sterotypical hillbilly and the bear make up for that lack.

Finally, we meet "Rose of the Yukon," "a bold-hearted lass alone except for a young sister against the terrors of the Northland!  And the worst of these were the human coyotes -- the despised pelt poachers!"  Rose and her sister are both well-devloped ladies.  The evil Batiste has been raiding her traps and trying to run her off her land.  All of a sudden, SHOUTS! (yeah, in this comic book whenever someone is in trouble and cries for help, The main character startles, says, 'SHOUTS!" and comes to the recue.  In this case, it's a handsome young man being attacked by a pack of wolverines.  Rose sums up the situation:  "TARNATION!  That young bucko shore drew hisself a mess o bad cards!"  Again, no Mounties...Just Rose with her flashing legs and instincts.

Tough people, a bitter environment, brave heroes, very bad people (usually killed in the end), and more good-looking girls than any place has a right to...


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