Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Thursday, February 18, 2016


The very first episode of Columbia Broadcasting's noted Suspense series, this version of John Dickson Carr's great novel The Burning Court features Charlie Ruggles and Julie Hayden and aired on June 17, 1942.  (Yeah, I know, there had been a "preview episode" of Suspense two years before -- a "pilot" episode, if you will -- but this is the first regular episode.)  "The Burning Court" was directed by Charles Vanda and adapted by Harold Medford.  One source lists the announcer as Barry Kroeger; another lists "The Man in Black," who for many years was played by Joseph Kearns, perhaps best remembered for his last role, that of Mr. Wilson in the early Sixties television show Dennis the Menace.

Suspense had a long run:  two decades on the radio, a television show, and a mystery magazine.

Enjoy this early episode.

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