Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, August 3, 2015


I'm going through severe withdrawal pains and the most sensible thing I've been able to utter is, "Gak!"

In the meantime I'm still sorting books and hauling various items that will be going on the move to charity.

The house officially goes on the market Thursday.  Cleaners are coming for a deep clean tomorrow and it looks like we'll be able to get the house power washed tomorrow evening.  The house is pretty clean already but we want it real estate viewing clean.  Tomorrow I'll be doing some yard work.

Our main toilet got clogged and we had to call a plumber; $350 later you'd wouldn't believe what the three-year-old flushed down there.  **sigh**

A POD has been delivered and we are slowly fulling it up.  I only wish I knew where the POD was going to be delivered.  Still don't have a place lined up  yet.  Maybe we'll have the POD delivered under a bridge -- it would be more waterproof than a big cardboard box.

Christina, her kids, and Ceili took an eleven-hour drive to Cape Cod yesterday.  They'll be there for two weeks, giving us and Walt more time to get our respective homes in shape.  Jessie and Amy are also at the Cape.  Everybody will be going out for real fried clams (whole bellied, not those wimpy little clam strips!) while we remain here in clam-less Southern Maryland.  Oh well.

Before heading to the Cape, Christina took Mark and his best friend Daniel to Baltimore so they could run in a half marathon (Mark's first).  Daniel placed first in his age group while Mark came in second. I'm really proud of them both.  It's amazing how fast two totally uncordinated teens can run.

Life keeps moving along, dragging us with it.


  1. Jerry, my best wishes to you and your family. I hope everything goes smoothly with regard to both your old and new home.


  2. Prashant, thanks for your best wishes. I may moan and groan about this situation but I know everything will all work out. We have our health and our family -- all else is minor stuff.

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  4. I know it's All Too Complicated To Explain, but this still seems to me like a bolt from the blue. Seemed you were perfectly happy in your place, and suddenly...rush, rush, rush we have to pack, we have to move. My deepest sympathies, it sounds like a madhouse there!