Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Published by T. V. Boardman and Company in London, Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual 4 presents comic book action, colored and black and white art, and prose stories all jumbled together in 189 exciting pages.  The comic book stories run the gamut from biographies of Billy the Kid and Cochise to gunslingin' thrills in the stereotypical West.  The prose stories -- and there are quite a few of them -- feature the cowboy (emphasis on "boy") trio of Tom, Dick and Harry, along with their friend Gordon Gregory.

Cowboys, Indians, lawmen, ranchers, pretty girls (in moderation, of course -- we don't want the British boys of 1952 to get unchaste ideas), miners, gamblers, road agents, and all kinds of varmints stride across these pages. Denis McLaughlin's artwork is far above of the industry of the time.  Arthur Groom wrote all the stories.


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