Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, September 28, 2013



"Arguably Dell's second most famous anthology was Animal Comics, famous because it introduced Albert, Pogo and the rest of the Okefenokee Repertory Players...Issue #1 introduces Albert, a greedy and selfish alligator, Bumbazine, a thoughtful and clever little boy, and Pogo, a possum with a birthday.  In "Albert Takes the Cake," Albert may have a different personality that his later lovable self, but Pogo has no character at all aside from fast-talking his way out of being eaten."

Ah, but from such humble beginnings...

From 1942, Animal Comics #1, wherein everyone's favorite possum first saw light of day:

Also in this issue:  a non-Okefenokee Swamp story by Walt Kelly, "Muzzy and Ginger."

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