Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, March 18, 2013


    In between cursing my computer (which has been acting so wonky that I have not been able to post regularly) and cursing Blogspot (which is acting wonky probably because of the above) and my new printer (which isn't acting at all -- grrrr), I was actually able to do a bit of book shopping this week.  The ones listed below cost me a total of four bucks so that made me happy.  The fact that it took me fives times as long to get this list posted as it did to shop for the books made me much less so.

  • Patricia Briggs, Bone Crossed.  The fourth outing for shapeshifter/auto mechanic Mercy Thompson.
  • Graham Diamond, Cinnabar (Oriental fantasy) and The Beasts of Hades and The Falcon of Eden (fantasies, volumes 3 and 4 in the Adventures of the Empire Princess series).
  • J. T. Edson, The Fortune Hunters.  A Floating Outfit western.
  • Tabor Evans, Longarm #241:  Longarm and the Colorado Counterfeiters.  Adult western.
  • Colin Forbes, The Janus Man.  Spy novel.
  • Alan Dean Foster, Diuturnity's Dawn.  SF, Book Three of The Founding of the Commonwealth.
  • Christopher Fowler, The Victoria Vanishes.  A Bryant and May/Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery.
  • Brian Garfield, Necessity, bound with A Lovely Day to Die by Celia Fremlin and Root of All Evil by E. X. (Elizabeth) Ferrars.  A Detective Book Club volume from 1984.
  • Heather Graham, Night of the Vampires.  Historical romance with vampires.
  • Martin H. Greenberg, editor, White House Horrors.  Horror anthology with sixteen stories.
  • Laurell L. Hamilton, Cerulean Sins, Circus of the Damned, Guilty Pleasures, The Killing Dance, The Laughing Corpse, and Narcissus in Chains -- all in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, and A Kiss of Shadow, the first in the Meredith Gentry fantasy series.
  • Clare McNally, Somebody Come and Play.  Horror.
  • Rachel Cosgrove Payes, Lady Alicia's Secret.  Regency romance.
  • "Ellis Peters" (Edith Partiger"), Black Is the Color of My True Love's Heart.  A Detective Inspector George Felse mystery.
  • Robert J. Randisi, editor, First Cases, Volume 4.  Mystery anthology with thirteen "first" stories of popular detectives.
  • Craig Thomas, A Hooded Crow.  Spy novel.
  • David Thompson, Wilderness #37:  Perils of the Wind.  Western.
  • Terri Windling, editor, Faery!  Fantasy anthology with twenty-three stories and poems.


  1. WHITE HOUSE HORRORS writes its own punchline. Have you read Payes Regency before? Only familiar with her sf. Sorry about the computer, but to paraphrase a bad film title, Blogspot can go wonky on its own...

    1. I've only read Payes' SF, Todd, but I thought I'd give this one a try.