Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Here's an update on my bride and her @#$%^&* knee. 

Actually, there's less to @#$%^&* about now. Things are looking much better and (as the doctor says) let's be cautiously optimistic.

So we headed back to Annapolis, the three of us.  (Christina and Walt were both working, so we had the Kangaroo -- which is fine because we are bound to get stopped by every female in Annapolis because they just have to ooh and aah at the five-month awesomeness of the Kangaroo and that will help keep Kitty's mind away from her knee, as well as helping the Kangaroo refine his skills at charming the ladies.)  And -- frabjous day! -- the doctor is happy!

The incision is healing up nicely he says, although there is still some drainage.  The infection is getting better.  The blood tests and the cultures came through with flying colors.  The bone chip (or whatever) doesn't seem to be a problem at present.  And Kitty can resume physical therapy on Monday with no restrictions.

So we're happy.

And relieved.

Small victories are good victories.  We'll take 'em.

Starting physical therapy again is going to be a bear, but it is a good (albeit probably painful) step in the right direction.

Another checkup scheduled for Wednesday.  Kitty still tires very quickly, but now she smiles when she tires.



  1. Great news, Jerry! I hope Kitty continues to make good progress. Life is good again, as they say, whenever a crisis blows over.

    1. Thanks, Prashant. We're taking things one day at a time and today's looking pretty good.