Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Representative Barney Frank got married today to his longtime partner James Ready.  About time!  I wish them both all happiness.

Speaking of weddings, one of Kitty's favorite shows is A&E's Sell This House Extreme.  We both enjoy to comment (positively or negatively)  on both the challenges and the designs that Roger Hazard comes up with.  (Unlike an earlier decorating/remodeling show, Trading Places, the Sell This House franchise does not deliberately fozzle some of the remodels.)   Caught the first show of the new season and -- gasp!gasp!gasp! -- Roger was not there; he had been replaced by a young, soft-cheeked designer.  All is not lost, however.  Tanye Meme is still with us, and with her are her two magnificent "tanyas," as weel as is her often low-cleavage tops.   BUT...where was Roger?!!?  Turns out that Roger also recently married his partner Chris last August. Wanting to move off in new directions, Roger left the show to concentrate on a new custom furniture business that he and Chris have started, and they are working on a new television show.  So congrats and huzzahs are also in order for Roger and Chris and best wishes on their future endeavors.

May both couples live the lives of their dreams.

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