Small House of Everything

Small House of Everything

Monday, June 8, 2015


  • Elizabeth Becka, Trace Evidence.  Mystery, both a debut novel and the first about Evelyn James, a forensic trace evidence expert in Cleveland.
  • Madison Smartt Bell, Straight Cut.  Mystery.
  • J. Madison Davis, Law & Order:  Deadline.  Television tie-in novel.
  • Antonia Fraser, Jemima Shore's First Case Stories.  Mystery collection with 13 stories, five of the about the title character.
  • Ruth Fenisong, Widow's Plight. Mystery novel.  Also published as Widow's Blackmail.
  • Meg Gardiner, The Dirty Secrets Club.  A Jo Beckett mystery.  Becket is a forensic psychiatrist living in San Francisco.  Want to create a detective?  Be sure to include the word "forensic" in his/her job title.
  • "Jack Higgins"  (Harry Patterson), The Killing Ground.  A Sean Dillon spy-guy thriller.
  • Tom Holland, Slave of My Thirst.  Vampire novel featuring Dr. John Eliot and his sidekick, Bram Stoker.
  • Mickey Huff and Andy Lee Roth with Project Censored, editors, Censored 2013.  Nonfiction.  The top censored stories and media analysis of 2011-12.  see also both Carl Jenson and Peter Phillips, below,
  • Alan Hunter, The Scottish Decision.  A George Gently mystery.  Also published as Gabrielle's Way.
  • Carl Jenson and Project Censored, editors, Censored:  The News That Didn't Make the News and Why and 20 Years of Censored News.  Nonfiction.  More censored; the first from 1993 and the second covering the years from  1976 through 1995.  See also Mickey Huff (above) and Peter Phillips (below).
  • William W. Johnstone with "J. A. Johnstone," Flintlock:  Gut-Shot.  Western.   Another seires "inspired by Mr. [William W.] Johnstone's superb storytelling."
  • Kay Kenyon, The Entire and the Rose, Book One:  Bright of the Sky and Book Two:  A World Too Near.  SF novels about a five-armed radial universe in a dimension parallel to our own universe.
  • Laurie R. King, Garment of Shadows.  A Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes mystery.
  • [The Amazing Kreskin (born George Joseph Kreske)], Kreskin's Super Secrets.  This is an odd one -- 84 pages that evidently preach how the mind-body connection can help improve your life.  No publication or publisher information given and no author credited.  A few first person references imply that the author was Kreskin.
  • Henning Mankill, Before the Frost.A Linda Wallander mystery.  Translated from the Swedish by Ebba Segerberg.
  • "Michael Marshall" (Michael Marshall Smith), The Intruders.  Thriller with supernatural overtones.  A finalist for the 2007 Steel Dagger award.
  • T. Jefferson Parker, Cold Pursuit.  Mystery involving family grievances between a homicide cop and a murder victim.
  • Louise Penny, Still Life.  The first Inspector Gamache mystery.  Winner of the 2006 New Blood Dagger, the 2006 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel, the 2007 Anthony Award for Best First Novel, the 2007 Barry Award for Best First Novel, the 2007 Dilys Award, and a finalist for the 2010 Barry Award for Best Novel of the Decade.
  • Peter Phillips and Project Censored, editors, Censored 2000, Censored 2003, Censored 2004, Censored 2006, and Censored 2007.  Nonfiction.  More censored. See also Mickey Huff (above), Carl Jenson (above), and the item below.
  • Peter Phillips and Andrew Roth with Project Censored, editors, Censored 2008.  Nonfiction.  More censored.  If you liked Barry Hoffman's Gauntlet magazine, This is a series for you.  Sadly, the previous owner must have smoked like a chimney because these volumes reek!  I'll have to get rid of these as soon as I am finished.  These hefty books cost me a dime apiece, so for that I'll stick a clothes pin on my nose and will keep them away from my other books.
  • Gladys Schwartz and Vic Crume, editors, The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales.  Children's anthology of four stories and several handfuls of poems and excerpts.  Pretty tame stuff.
  • Charles Scribner, Jr., In the Company of Writers:  A Life in Publishing.  Autobiography based on the oral history by Joel R. Gardner.
  • "Charles Todd" (Charles and Caroline Todd), An Unmarked Grave.  A Bess Crawford mystery.  Winner of the 2013 Macavity Award for Best Historical Mystery and a 2012 finalist for the Best Historical Mystery.
  • Victor Thorn, JFK's Gay Slayers.  A 38-page homophobic screed of innuendo, half-truths, bigotry, and (for some reason) UFOs.  Total garbage...but fascinating in a train wreck sort of way.

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